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I am Pat Harris, owner of Harris Market Trends. I am a full time trader with 25 years’ experience. I am writing this blog to give those of you who don’t know me a bit of background information on how I became a trader.

From 1973 – 1999 I owned a grocery store which employed up to 100 people. During this time I was very successful investing in mutual funds and individual stocks and thought I was ready to be a full time trader. I decided to close the store by choice in 1999 and to focus on learning the Stock Market. The dot com era showed me very quickly that I wasn’t ready to be a full time Trader. That’s when I began taking financial classes to better prepare myself for trading the market. In 2000 I successfully went back to work in sales and remained employed there for 12 years until the company eliminated 90% of their sales force in the states. I was one of the last 10 sales reps to be let go in Michigan. Two weeks later they offered me a salaried position which I turned down. I went back to school in 2012 and took every finance course that I could so that I could improve my ability to trade the Stock Market (I’m 4 credits short of receiving my degree). Also, in an effort to fully understand trading techniques and styles, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time taking webinars and participating in trading chatrooms.


Over 2 years ago, I started publishing a newsletter for a subscribing base that has been well received. Each week I spend an average of 60 hours researching stocks for inclusion in the newsletter. The research for the newsletter includes analyzing and summarizing information from IBD, the Wall Street Journal, Barons, Seeking Alpha and other sources. I also Take every webinar I can to obtain as much information on other peoples styles or Plans on how they trade the market. I have not attended a webinar yet where I haven’t learned something new. Anything I can do to gain insight and provide my subscribers an edge on succeeding in the Stock Market. The main focus of the newsletter is to provide information to readers on stocks with the most Analyst upgrades and institutional sweeps during the week. In 2013, after one of my clients gave a copy of my newsletter to a financial firm, I was offered a sponsorship to obtain a Series 7 Financial License. Although, I believe that I would be able to obtain my Series 7 Financial License, I declined the offer as my passion is in posting trending stock recommendations and did not want to be burdened by the SEC requirements that the license would have required. I do charge $10 a week or $30 a month for this work but right now I’m giving it for free until the middle of March.

The stocks included in my newsletter are provided to hopefully allow people (including myself) make money! Worldly events, Politics and Market trends will always influence the market regardless of the amount of research performed. Through my newsletter I do the research and try and help readers navigate market factors and narrow their focus to the top trending stocks. The stocks mentioned in the newsletter are trending Stock setups and not recommendations to Buy, Sell or Hold any security. I am not a registered financial adviser.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Pat Harris

Harris Market Trends

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